In a world where content saturates everyone’s timelines and profiles, you want to make sure you have the best opportunity to be heard in a digital world.  Give your company the best chance of having the content you produce seen and influence your potential customers with a great online presence.


This could be your website, or any online content produced to inform and educate about your products and services. It could be developments within your industry which may affect or influence your customers and clients, or general information about you and your business, which hopefully will result in greater trust, resulting in higher sales.


Get a great website with the latest innovations and design which reflects your company tone and ethos.  Have standout articles and thought-leader pieces written and published to reflect you and what you have to offer your customers.  Attract potential customers with new and exciting campaigns which show off your company through innovative ideas, including social media campaigns and video content which set you ahead of the competition.


We provide all these services, from the initial discovery meeting where we can find out more about you and your business, through to the design of a new site and the additional content management.  With what we publish on platforms online, we can help drive customers through to your site, we create progress for your business creatively with the skills of the people we have.

Why Outsource Content?


Can you afford a full-time marketing person who has all the skills needed to keep your online content fresh and up to date?  Creating relevant, engaging and up to date video and written content can be a time consuming and skillful job. We are here to help support you through that process with our team of content creators.


Decadance Media has been built upon this need for really great innovative content. Operations Director and the founder of Decadance Anthony, with a degree and background in Journalism and Communications is fast growing a team of really passionate writers, photographers and videographers, ensuring you have the best team working hard for your business.


Benefit from our monthly packages which allow us to help support you with your content and take advantage of having a whole team of different content creators who are all experts in their field. Plus, you also have the added bonus that if there is a real emergency you have our 24/7 client support line so we can sort things for you, you wouldn’t get that from your marketing person at 11pm or over the weekend!



Content Management packages start from as little as £75p/m.

Leave your details and a member of our team will contact you about how we can help.
Alternatively, give us a call and let’s have a chat – 0330 088 4181 (option 2).

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Web Development (inc Web Hosting & Domains)


From small one-page sites through to larger e-commerce projects, get a site which creates a real impact with new innovations and design. Find your perfect web address, get the best 24/7 security and keep everything together with a competitive hosting package.

  • Find your perfect web address with our online domain search.
  • Consult with our tech team who will lay the foundations for your project.
  • Have the flexibility of choosing web outright or web rental packages.
  • Benefit from complete site monitoring, updates and security built-in.
  • Get 24/7 client support when you take out a monthly content management package.



Content Management (inc Social Media Management)


Get support across all areas of content, from copywriting and SEO through to creating engaging campaigns and social media management, let our team of experts guide you through how content can help build and engage your audiences.

  • Our team can help support your business by publishing regular monthly content which educates and entertains in an aspirational way.
  • Build a cohesive and structured content strategy for your business and build your audiences on your online platforms.
  • Create engaging campaigns and deliver that content to those audiences, getting the most for your budget and with measurable results.
  • Drive customers to your website and gain greater brand awareness with engaging video content.
  • Create SEO optimised articles and blogs that will ignite your campaigns, point a greater amount of traffic to your site and place you as a thought leader in your industry, building trust with your clients.

Monthly Content Management Packages


With our monthly packages you get your own expert team covering a wide range of services at a fraction of the cost.  You choose what package you want based on your business needs and the one which ultimately fits your budget.  You have the flexibility to increase or decrease this package at any time after the first 6 months, and this option creates those close working relationships we like to have with our clients.  It also gives us the opportunity to identify where we need to concentrate our time based on our KPI’s.

When you sign up to one of our monthly packages, you automatically get your own dedicated account manager who will carry out an initial free visit for your FREE ‘Digital Discovery’ session, which involves meeting to discuss the plan based on time spent in your business to gain a feel for your working environment.  After discussion and ideas, we then present the blueprint for what you require to take the business forward.

Some businesses already know what they want which is great; that doesn’t mean we can’t build on those ideas as an outsider looking in.  Other businesses need help through each step and we can fit into any business and adapt to your needs.  You also get FREE content delivered from our online content management system, and a FREE dedicated advice line, should you find yourself in a real emergency and need our help, which no other agency in the UK provides!

Need a One Off Project?

Not every business needs the on-going relationship month on month, but from time to time there are projects which you set aside budget for, which you need done by the experts to a standard which will help with all the other marketing activities going on.  You may already have a marketing executive ‘in-house’ who does the day to day marketing activities, but then you have a bigger project you need managed so as not to distract your marketing team from their key tasks.  We can help with your one off projects too.

Due to the nature of one off more bespoke project work, we can’t put prices up for all the services we provide, but we would love to hear from you and our development team can quote you for the projects you require just give them a call to find out more info.

Web Outright

Web Outright packages are perfect for businesses who need that online presence but require minimal updates and monthly maintenance. These packages include the time to design and build the site, and although they do not include hosting or maintenance we can help you with your domain search to ensure you get the one you want.

Web Rental

Web Rental packages exist for businesses who don’t have time to maintain their own site. They’re more flexible than Outright packages as they include monthly maintenance. The initial cost is to design and website build. The monthly maintenance fee depends on the size of the site and includes FREE hosting and a FREE domain search.

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